• Add a handler to render static file


There is no configuration option. You only need to enable the plugin by adding this line into the IoC configuration file.



Just place a store a file in the datasource and access it with a browser. That’s it.

If the url contains the ?mode=preview then the static will be rendered into a preview mode.

Jinja Helpers

The plugin provides 2 jinja plugins:

  • url_media_resize : take the width as parameter and generates a valid url to a resized version of the targetted media.
  • url_media_crop : take the size and the optional crop tuples to generates a valid url to a cropped version of the targetted media.
{% for media in medias %}
    <a href="{{ url_media_resize(media, 1440) }}" class="swipebox" title="{{ }}">
        <img src="{{ url_media_crop(media, size=(234, 234), crop=(0.5, 0.5)) }}" alt="image" width="250px">
{% endfor %}


The plugin provides a StaticNodeLoader to create a node object from a path, the created node type is element.static.