Python Element has been tested with python 2.7 only and might not work with python 3.x.

Short story

sudo apt-get install mongodb-server
virtualenv --system-site-packages foobar
source foobar/bin/activate
pip install git+
python -m element my-project
cd my-project
python element:demo:fixtures
python tornado:start --verbose -d

Install services

The default skeleton required a mongodb server running, this is not mandatory for small website.

apt-get install mongodb-server

Install with virtual env

Virtual Env makes sure there are not conflict with any installed lib by creating its own environment.

virtualenv --system-site-packages element
source element/bin/activate

Install python element

You can install the package by using the main code on github

pip install git+

Setup your first project

The following command will help you creating your first project based on a skeleton website that you can tweak to match your needs.

python -m element my-project

The script will explain the next steps.