This plugin provides a way to attach Tornado actions from the datasource.


There is no configuration option. You only need to enable the plugin by adding this line into the IoC configuration file.



An action is composed by:

  • name: the route name pointing to the controller, the name can also be used in a template to generate the path.
  • path: the relative path pointing to the controller. The final url will be the concatenation of the api.collection node’s path with the path value from the action definition.
  • methods: the accepted http method
  • default: the default value sent to the controller, the controller must be a service registered into the IOC. The _controller key represents the controller which handled the request object.

Actions Node

You can define an action route like this

# labs/pdf.yml
title: PDF generation
type: action.raw
name: wkhtmltopdf_index
methods: ['GET']
    _controller: element.plugins.wkhtmltopdf.generate:execute

Actions collection

In order to attach a set of action, you need to create a node of type action.collection and defines an actions array.

# api.yml
title: API
type: action.collection
        path: /element/node.<_format>
        methods: ['GET']
            _controller: element.api.view.node.list:execute
            path: /

The action is a simple service like, where the execute method will be call as configured in the previous file

import json

class CrudView(object):
    def execute(self, request_handler, context, *args, **kwargs):
        request_handler.set_header('Content-Type', 'application/json')
        request_handler.write(json.dumps({"mydata": "myvalue"}))

Once the action is created, you can register it in the IOC like this:

        class: element.plugins.api.views.NodeView


For now, actions are registered once when the application is booted.

Redirect Action

The plugin also provides a redirect handler, to redirect a node to another one, just create a node like this:

type: action.redirect
redirect: en