It is the smallest data available, it represents a content stored into the datastore. By default, a node is a instance of Node.


The NodeHandler is in charge of rendering a Node by using an intermediary object the NodeContext. The NodeContext hold altered the information from the Node, a NodeContext should never be persisted while the Node can. The Node is still available from the NodeContext by using the node attribute.

Change the default Node class

It is possible to change the default class Node per node type. (The underlying mechanism change the __class__ property).

In order to do that, you need to create a specific listener to register the class with the type

    class: element.plugins.presentation.listener.PresentationListener
            - { name: node.mapper.pre_initialize, method: register }

The related python is:

class PresentationListener(object):
    def register(self, event):
        collection = event.get('meta_collection')

        collection.add(Meta(PresentationNode, 'presentation.shower'))

Inside the PresentationNode, you can have your own logic and methods

class PresentationNode(Node):
    def __init__(self, uuid=None, data=None):
        super(PresentationNode, self).__init__(uuid=uuid, data=data)

    def count_slides():
        return len(['slides'])